Audit and Accountancy


For organisations that require an audit for statutory or regulatory reasons associated with the filing of their annual and periodic financial information, Gerard P. Reynolds and Associates can provide you with a high quality audit service that is second to none.

Our audit will ensure that you comply with all statutory regulations while also benefitting the performance of your business. During our audit we independently evaluate your business, its systems, controls and processes and advise you of their strengths and weaknesses. Based on our thorough independent analysis we advise you on how to improve your business which ensures that the audit adds value to your organisation.


Our accountancy service is the backbone of our firm and our expert team will assist you with the preparation of management or statutory accounts to ensure that you have all the information required to make the best possible business decisions. Our services include period end accounts preparation for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Solicitors and Audit Exempt Companies each year.

We can also provide you with management accounts to ensure that you are equipped with the proper information to run your business.

We are also on hand to liaise with your own accounting staff or bookkeeper and are available at all times to provide support via telephone and email queries.